Turning Crash Bandicoot Into A Drinking Game

In my quest to fully complete (105%) the Crash Bandicoot trilogy during quarantine, my flatmate and I managed to combine the game with our favourite quarantine hobbit, drinking.

The rules couldn’t be more simple:

  • Drink every time you die

That’s the basic concept. But there’s another major factor to the game – in Crash Bandicoot, if you collect all the boxes in the level, you’re awarded a gem. However, there’s major difficulty in collecting the boxes, and at the level it tells you how many boxes you’ve missed. The 2nd rule to the game is thus:

  • Drink for 1 second for every box you miss

Now, this isn’t a solo game. Hopefully you’ve got a quarantine drinking buddy or two and her all taking turns. The game gets really lethal if it’s not your turn. The non-player has to drink if –

  • The player collects a gem, relic, or key
  • The player successfully completes a bonus round
  • The player gets 3 Aku Aku masks and turns invincible. This one is special – the invincibility lasts for 20 seconds – the non-players have to drink for the full 20 seconds

There’s gunna be a lot of drinking. People forget how difficult this game can be. I’ve wasted countless lives falling down the same goddam ditch.

This gem gave me nightmares as a child. Kept me from ever fully completing it

A bonus drinking game – the time trials… The first player sets a time to beat, if other players don’t beat it, they have to drink for every second behind they lost by. This could be applied to any time trial game I guess.

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