The Best Bands With Less Than 10,000 Listeners on Spotify

I decided to put together these bands after I saw just how little listeners they had and how little money they make. One Spotify stream gets an artist $0.0084, so if a band gets 10,000 streams a month, that’s 84 fucking dollars. That is insane. So here, listens to these bands…

Abe Vigoda – 1,749 Monthly Listeners

Abe Vigoda released the stunning Skeleton back in 2008, they followed it up with the just as good Crush. Since then it’s been radio silence. It’s a shame because their brand is so unique – tropical indie rock. Imagine if the Crash Bandicoot soundtrack was condensed in to a 30 minute punk album. (To add insult to injury, I found the CD of Skeleton in Ireland for sale for 1 euro! What the fuck.)

The Elected – 5,140 Monthly Listeners

This is the solo project from Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett and it’s 00s folk music visa-vis Iron & Wine. The solo project’s best album is Sun, Sun, Sun. It’s criminally underrated, especially seeing as indie folk music has such a low bar and very few people have ever heard of The Elected.

Frog Eyes – 4,738 Monthly Listeners

Frog Eyes are a Canadian rock band with a shit ton of energy. They have such an expansive back catologue maybe it would be hard to pin down where to start, or it may be daunting for a new comer? I have no idea why they have so few listeners. Maybe it’s Carey Mercer’s abrasive and unhinged vocals, but that’s one of its USPs. I recommend starting with The Folded Palm.

Ponytail – 1,387 Monthly Listeners

Ponytail are a sugary as fuck noise rock band. Noise rock has never been this upbeat and sweet. The reason why it has so few listeners is probably because people are afraid their teeth are gonna rot. But seriously, how do they have this few listeners. There were more kids in my high school than worldwide listeners of Ponytail. Come on guys, sort it out.

Sandro Perri – 9,789 Monthly Listeners

This is the one that hurts the most. Sure, Sandro is so close to 10,000, but still, it ain’t exactly living wage numbers is it. Perri is a multi-instrumentalist master and his music is so chilled, and his songs are repetitive in a therapeutic kind of way. In Another Life is the greatest album of 2018. Maybe it’s because people don’t wanna listen to 16 and 25 minute songs, but there are abridged versions, alright!

Subtle – 3,535 Monthly Listeners

Right, so this entry is Indie Rap – now, I get it, indie rap isn’t the most popular genre, in fact, it’s barely ever pulled off well at all. But the way these guys interweave rap and rock is unlike anything you’ve heard. It’s lead by rapper Doseone, who is a lot more Spotify successful than he is with Subtle. The band has three albums, each one better than the last, so start with ExcitingARM.

Swan Lake – 5,479 Monthly Listeners

And this is the final band of this batch. It’s another Canadian band. It’s ironic that Swan Lake has so few listeners because it’s members are all from other successful indie bands – Dan Bejar of Destroyer (486,910 listeners), Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade (268,548 listeners) – and Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes as mentioned above. They are all odd balls and come together to create some of the most inventive music to come out of Canada.

So check em out! Seven bands to listen to while yer locked in quarantine. I’m gunna do more of these ‘cause there are so many great bands with too few listeners.

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