The 5 Most Underrated Movies on Disney+

Blackbeard’s Ghost

You gotta trust me on this, Blackbeard’s Ghost is the best pirate movie ever made. I know that’s a low bar, but scene after scene is pure entertainment and joy. Basically, a track coach moves to a town where people are way too obsessed with pirates. He accidentally summons the ghost of Blackbeard, only the track coach can see the ghost, hijinks ensues. Don’t let the release date put you off, though it was made in 1968 yer gunna get a shit load more enjoyment out of this than Pirates of the Caribbean 5. My girlfriend hates watching old movies, she won’t watch anything from before 2017, but I convinced her to watch this and 15 mins in she was luvin it’.


This one stars what’s her name, that one who came out as a lesbian at the Golden Globes, argh it’s on the tip of my tongue, I don’t wanna look it up on Google. Jodie Foster! Yes. That’s the one. Anyway, this one also involves pirates, kinda. Jodie Foster is sent to this rich old lady’s mansion to pretend to be her long lost daughter so she can locate buried treasure on the grounds. Barrel of laughs so it is. It even features some old time Academy Award winners, David Niven and Helen Hayes.

Herbie Rides Again

This is the best Herbie movie. It breaks my heart that the only Herbie movie people know about these days is that Lyndsy Logan one (based on my Girlfriend’s knowledge of Herbie.) Besides the fact that it’s set in San Francisco (and makes great use of its hills and trams,) ‘Rides Again’ is so great because Herbie is a proper lad, he’s basically terrorizing people in this movie. Again, back-to-back stupid action – Herbie locks its passenger in as it goes car jousting, drives up the top of Golden Gate Bridge with a bunch of Lawyers chasing him, and ascends a window washing lift to spray soap suds in to the bad guy’s office, who literally almost suffocated to death. What a lad.

National Treasure

National Treasure is a fully serviceable action-adventure movie in an age without Indiana Jones. I genuinely love this movie, there are great heist scenes, cat and mouse chase scenes, and there history in there too. I learnt that Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals from this movie. Yeah, maybe the bad guys are a bit generic, maybe the pieces fall a little too easily in to place for Nic Cage and co. You’ve gotta suspend disbelief a lil bit, but this and National Treasure 2 are the most clever adventure movies on Disney+, and I probably check for updates on a third movie way too often than anyone should.


Was this the first major movie Shia LaBeouf had after Even Stevens? I’ve yet to see Fury, yet to see Honey Boy, and ignorantly refuse to watch Transformers. this is the iconic Shia movie. This is a strange, strange movie that includes, again, hunting for treasure, what? 4 of these 5 movies are about treasure or pirates or both. Mad or what. Anyway, instead of going to jail for stealing sneakers, Shia gets sent to the desert to dig for Sigourney Weaver, finding out family secrets along the way. It is probably the most clever kids movie Disney has ever put out, one that treats children like they‘be actually got a brain.

Gunna do another one of these at some point, there are some old corkers hidden in Disney+ I’ m telling ya. Good for you, Disney.

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