Marvel Marathon #6: Iron Man Three

(During quarantine my girlfriend and I are going through the Marvel movies chronologically. Surprisingly, she is really enjoying them, maybe even more than me. We are already a couple down and I’m gunna do write-ups for all of ‘em, the good and the bad.)

Why is it the word “Three” instead of the number in the official title? Bit weird, right?

The first time (and only time I think) I watched Iron Man Three was in the cinema and I enjoyed it. It was fun and I did not get upset about the reveal midway through the movie unlike a lot of other people. Fuck it, let’s just jump right in to it. So the big badass Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley who is terrorising the country (and in the comics is apparently Iron Man’s main villain) is just an actor hired by yet another weapons manufacturer (just like Iron Man 1 and 2.) My opinion has not changed, in fact I think I enjoyed it even more this time. When it’s revealed the Mandarin is just a lad that loves beer and football trying to make a living as an actor is risky and ingenious. And who knew Ben Kingsley has real acting chops?! The move has Shane Black’s name all over it.

Though the Mandarin reveal is not the problem, the problem is the real antagonist. For starters, Guy Pearce’s hammy performance gives it away from the beginning and it continues the now traditional shit Marvel villain syndrome. You could switch Guy Pearce with Sam Rockwell’s goofball villain from Iron Man 2 and the film would not be a single bit different. They are literally the same in every way. But it’s mostly disappointing because of all the Iron Man movies, there isn’t one good villain.

Iron Man THREE is still so, so, sooo much better than Iron Man 2. ‘Three’ similar to the 2nd instalment in that it leans further in to the comedy than the stakes but it is much more successful here. The comedy is much more well balanced as you’ve got Stark having panic attacks, the aftermath of The Avengers, and, uh, a new child sidekick… And he is a surprising great secondary character. It’s hard to not find child actors annoying but this kid even held his own against Downey.

The scene where Iron Man tries to save 12 people plummeting to their death is the best scene of the movie. Like, has there actually been a scene in a Marvel movie up to this point where a hero is actually saving someone? However, this movie proved that Stark can operate the suits from home without having to ever risk his life, so I don’t understand why Stark gets in the suit ever again. And that kind of goes against what he says in Iron Man 1 about the suit not being weapons, ‘cause they clearly are weapons in this. 🤷‍♂️

Again, the end became a bit of a mess. Pepper Potts on fire with super strength, about 50 different Iron Man suits flying around causing more mess than the actual bad guy, but I guess those suits are just a bit of fan service, right? Overall, I surprisingly enjoyed this film more than the first time I saw it. This really is exactly what you’d expect of a Shane Black directed Marvel movie, even down to the Christmas setting. From what I read/hear, I don’t think people enjoy it all that much. But I had a blast. It’s just a proper fun family superhero movie.

Also, one odd part of the movie that I love is how War Machine and Iron Man just park their suits like cars outside a bar.

Next up: Thor: The Dark World 😭

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